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Accessible temperature control inside residential properties such as houses, care homes, student digs or any other kind of living accomodation has become just as popular as commercial and industrial areas. Air Cooling Solutions Ltd. offer a comprehensive list of solutions to heat, cool and ventilate your home to suit all budgets. Take a look below as we break it down.

Residential Heating

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Residential heating has evolved over the years and is now generally split into either conventional gas heating systems or dual-purpose units designed for both fan heating and air conditioning with a control panel using electricity, with more specialist renewable solutions such as solar water heating and bio-mass boilers becoming more popular also. A growing trend in alternative heating for homes is Air Source Heat Pumps which are already used in many residential properties and look likely to be the future of heating - you can read more about Air Source Pump Heating Systems here. As well as being qualified and certified to supply, install, maintain and repair Air Source Pump Heating Pump, it's still considered somewhat of an expensive method of heating, Air Cooling Solutions Ltd. will work closely with you to discuss your requirements in detail, to come up with viable and sensible options to suit your budget.

Residential Ventilation

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Residential Ventilation is often overlooked when considering living areas but is a very efficient method of preventing and/or controlling damaging issues such as damp and condensation etc. The different types of residential ventilation fall into 3 x distinct categories, natural, mechanical or a hybrid or 'mixed mode'. Air Cooling Solutions Ltd. have vast experience of ventilation methods and will suggest and advise you of all available options to ensure your requirements are met within your budget.

Residential Air Conditioning

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Residential Air Conditioning has long been considered a luxury to have in place at home or other living accomodation but has now become very popular with consumers as English summers have become longer and hotter with certain months of the year being unbearable at times in both heat & humidity. Air Cooling Solutions Ltd. specialise in all forms of air conditioning and will discuss your requirements to come up with a perfect solution for managing the temperature in your property.

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